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Our Farm & Deer Park

Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park comprises of over 175 acres of beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside.

About the deer

All of our deer are from one of 3 types; Red Deer, White Red Deer and Fallow Deer.

Red Deer are our largest deer. A stag with its massive antlers, it is an unmistakeable icon of the Scottish Highlands, but can be seen in England and Wales too. The red deer has dark russet-brown fur, with a paler buff rump patch and a pale tail. Red deer are a native species to the UK.

White Red Deer are rare in the UK, with only a handful of sightings in the wild reported over the last few decades. White Red deer are not albino! The white colour is caused by a unique condition that has resulted in their hair and skin losing its natural colour. These unique deer can now be found in Wales for the first time.

Fallow Deer are variable in colour, but are mostly pale gingery-brown, with white spots on the back. They have a characteristic black and white tail and a white rump patch outlined in black. They were introduced to the UK by the Normans in the 17th century.

As our deer reproduce naturally, we usually have somewhere between 170 and 200 deer in the park at any one time.

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About the park

We have 150 acres of grassland, gorseland and woodland dedicated to our deer whilst a further 26 acres is kept as a nature reserve around the river Ritec. These diverse habitats are an ideal environment for the local wildlife and all of our animals to thrive.

Running around the perimeter of Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park, we have an approximately 2 mile country walk around the park. On this walk, you’ll encounter some amazing scenery with gorgeous views of Pembrokeshire.

Nature Walks
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Self-drive Safari Buggies

Whilst visiting Great Wedlock Farm and Deer Park, you have the option of hiring one of our 4-seater self-drive all-terrain electric Safari Buggies. Join us on one of our daily safaris around the Deer Park from 11am.

Starting from just £60 per family of four, you can rent your own private self-drive electric buggy to drive through the deer park. Our self-drive safari buggies let you take your family into the Deer Park as part of a convoy, bringing you and your family into close-contact with our wild Deer in their natural habitat. The red colouring of our vehicles makes them much harder for the deer to see (because they are colour-blind) so they don’t feel threatened.

Using a special intercom system, our expert guide in the lead vehicle will explain all about the Park and the Deer. The guide will also speak about the history of deer parks here in Pembrokeshire.

Safari buggies can be booked from our Shop once you are inside the Farm which opens at 10am. Our safaris head out into the park at specific times – 11AM, 1PM and 3PM – please arrive 45 mins before your desired safari. Our safaris have a limited number of places, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: All buggy drivers must be over 25 and hold a full valid UK Car Driving licence. All buggies are fitted with 4 seat belts and a roof, but have open sides – please come prepared in case of inclement weather.

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VIP Guided Safari

For those wishing a more personal experience we also have a 7-seater all-wheel drive people carrier which is driven by an experienced guide. You will be taken into the deer park and get to learn all about the deer herds.

This VIP safari is especially exciting during late September and into October when the Rut starts. If you are lucky, you will get to witness the fight for dominance between the Stags for control of the females. Things can get quite brutal at times, but with the security of this vehicle, you will be able to watch and observe in total safety.

This vehicle has a special easy-access front passenger seat which slides out of the vehicle and lowers down to floor level. This is perfect for those with mobility difficulties – nobody should have to miss out on this amazing experience!

Prices start at £200 per Safari for up to seven persons. VIP Guided Safaris can be booked at our shop once inside the farm which opens at 10am.

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Easy-Access Wheelchair Trailer

For guests with a wheelchair, we have an Easy-Access Wheelchair Trailer that is towed behind a 4×4 All Terrain Buggy driven by one of our expert guides who will give you insights into our deer herds and park.

This trailer is equipped to take one guest with a wheelchair plus two additional passengers. The Easy-Access Wheelchair Trailer sets off into the park regularly at the same time as our Safari Buggies.

The safaris head out into the park at specific times – 11AM, 1PM and 3PM – please arrive 45 mins before your desired safari. As with our Safari Buggies, we have a limited number of Easy-Access Wheelchair Trailer outings, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Prices start at £60 for up to 3 persons, one of which using a wheelchair. Bookings can be made from the shop once inside the farm which opens at 10am.

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Deer Barn

The first of our two barns, the Deer Barn is our central reception area where you will arrive after entry. Inside the Deer Barn you’ll find:

  • Indoor seating with access to our Deer Terrace
  • The boarding point for our Electric Safari Buggies and VIP Guided Safari Tours.
  • Hot and cold refreshments and snacks at Bambi’s Coffee Shop.
  • Individual COVID-safe Toilets / Baby Change Facilities
  • Our shop where you can book safari experiences and buy your own memento of your visit to take home.

Outside the deer barn, you will find our courtyard with a nice seating area and the start of our Nature Walk.

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Cinema Barn

Inside the Cinema Barn you’ll find lots of fun for the kids such as:

  • An 18m2 indoor LED cinema screen filled with comfy bean bag armchairs. Films are shown regularly throughout the day for children of all ages.
  • A small indoor play area for younger children with seating for adults.
  • Interactive play and learn stations.
  • Pedal Tractors with an indoor straw bale track.
  • Individual COVID-safe Toilets / Baby Change Facilities.
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